Splinter Cell Conviction Xbox 360 Review (Spoiler Warning)

Hello everyone and welcome to a review of a game from the stealth third-person shooter franchise Splinter Cell: Conviction. Before we start, I will apologise for my sudden disappearance as I have been busy with other things and trying to get pics onto my reviews. My laptop is acting up so please bare with me as there will be no pics in this review. Anyway, let’s move on and I hope you enjoy. 

Splinter Cell Conviction is like a mixture of a Liam Neeson, Bruce Willis and Jackie Chan game combined into one single character called Sam Fisher. He may not be as brilliant as Jackie Chan or as badass as Bruce Willis blowing up a plane, but he is still awesome as hell. It is so satisfying when you punch a Third Echelon grunt in the throat and here him mutter a smart remark as he walks away like a boss. I digress, but moving on, the story is basically about him (an ex-Third Echelon Agent who retired after the death of his daughter) who is suddenly brought into a world of terror as he realises the same corporation he was part of is planning to gain control over America, using EMPs to fry the whole nation and cover the attack. The story continues from there, offering a very interesting tutorial scene at the beginning. 

Sam Fisher is talking with his daughter about the dark, after walking into her room because she is screaming for him. He explains that the dark is a good thing, and you’re eyes get used to it and you can see all the ‘bad people’ and make them go away. Then in bold letters, it says that when the screen turns black and white you are almost invisible to enemies looking straight at you. It later shows how to mark and execute, a nifty way of simply putting a bullet in a pesky Black Arrow guard or Third Echelon agent’s head after getting a hand-to-hand kill. Some people complain that it is OP, but it is hard enough trying to seclude an enemy so no one will instantly detect you after seeing their friend suddenly die. The game also encourages you to melee enemies to preserve your executions, also allowing you to upgrade your weapons to allow more marks or put a scope on it etc.

What I mainly love about Splinter Cell though is the creativity and way it makes you take risks. There are so many ways to complete a mission or take out a certain target; sometimes I see them after accidentally getting involved in a blown out firefight and I feel guilty that I didn’t take the stealthy option. It’s like Crysis; it allows you to play any style you want, yet it makes you feel guilty unless you go with the easier option of being patient and waiting for the right moment to strike. It encourages you, when you are in a room and have been waiting for someone to move away to no avail for the past few minutes, you have to take initiative and strike first.

Gadgets are very imaginative, such as the Sticky Camera that can be used to distract an enemy with a small sound or simply blow up, but lack the actual need to use them. The Sticky Camera and Frag Grenade are rarely used within missions due to the fact that they cause noise and raise your detection level. I mean, the sound on the Sticky Camera only turns the guards towards it and sometimes draws them towards it. I only used the EMP grenade and Portable EMP because they temporarily fried the lights, allowing me to sneak past undetected.

The fourth mission in Iraq is a small letdown. It’s where you play as Victor Coste, Sam Fisher’s friend, in Iraq where they are both part of the American Army. They are ambushed and they kidnap Sam Fisher, leaving you as they think you are dead. You run after him, shredding through Iraq grunts like cannon fodder. Yet, the feeling of stealth or trying to find a way to sneak around is put in a box along with TNT and blown up. This game isn’t COD, so don’t try and add in a cheap action scene where I just run and gun because that isn’t Splinter Cell!

So in general, to conclude my review, I really recommend this game. It’s fun, pure and a solid game for the stealth genre. There are those two dusty parts in the corners, but brush them aside and you’ll enjoy this game. 8/10. A flawed gem; so close to a perfect game.  


Minecraft (Xbox 360 Edition) Review


Now, upon reading this, quite a lot of readers have thought ‘here we go again. Another reviewer about to fire off with his mouth like a machine gun WHOOP DE FRIGGIN DO!’ To be honest, I am not here to completely compliment Minecraft.

Minecraft is a fun FPS/TPS Survival game in a block world. You play as your character (whatever skin that may be) and you simply spawn in a world and that’s it. No backstory, no intro; just simple basic gameplay. Some readers might be thinking ‘it seems so basic and simple. Why is there no story or background to my character?’ Well, Minecraft really suits that kind of style of game, because it is about creating, mining and having fun in a randomly generated block world and not a story that drags on and makes the player commit suicide before they start playing, even though I am a big supporter of RPG and story-based games. 

There is also a creative mode where the player is able to have all blocks and materials at their disposal, no mining or crafting needed to create the items (except if your enchanting or using an Anvil to rename the weapons) and you simply build! I have been hooked on Creative mode recently, creating a mini-game where basically there is one murderer and several other players acting as the victims. The victims need to find the key to open the door to leave the building, but they need to hide and run from the murderer whilst searching for the key. It is currently still being created and edited, but if you wish to contribute in the project contact me at this gamertag; ironheart harry. Anyway, Minecraft is fun basic way of building and creating that no other block game has seemed to get the hang of yet. Games like Total Miner are fun, but for some reason the crafting systems for that certain game feel stale and complicated. Yet in Minecraft the crafting feels simple, fresh and fun to do. It’s either a mistake that turned out to be a success or they somehow managed to create a perfect crafting system. 

Yet, it isn’t perfect. 

They still haven’t installed mods in the Xbox 360 version, leading to the same boring repetitive gameplay. Yes, you can try and complete all the achievements, but what will you do after that? Wait for however long it will take to make mods? I will cut some slack for Mojang and Microsoft; it might be more difficult to implement coding into the Xbox 360 version, but it still needs to be revived from the stale crusty version that the Xbox 360 has. 

Also, the lag in online games and terrible connection! You do not want to know how many times I have been staring at my router thinking ‘what the hell’ whilst the game goes haywire. The lag is annoying, because when you place down a block sometimes it simply disappears, and when it comes back you’ve already placed a block to replace it that either is placed on top of the reappeared block or simply deletes itself and leaves you with one less block. It is also annoying because the only two host options are; TNT Disabled or Fire Spreads Disabled. It is annoying, because you sometimes you get an annoying idiot who spawns in and starts pouring lava all over your world. I hardly have time to disable his privileges before he has griefed half of the map!

I’m going to give my rating; 6.5/10. Pretty good and fun, but the online gameplay and game settings are either annoying or disappointing. 

I’m a newbie

Hello readers! I am ironheart harry, a real casual gamer, and this is my first post! Wow…where to start, eh? Well, I guess I could start by saying what my blog will be about and what stuff I like to do, just so we can get to know each other and have some sort of connection.

For my posts in the future, I will be writing game reviews or things about games that hopefully you will read and come to enjoy. I hope they will be enjoyable when I write them, and seem fair and put forward legitimate points. You can also suggest to me a game to review on comments (if you can comment on my posts, like I said; I’m a newbie) or just something to look at and maybe do a post on if you feel like it. One comment or suggestion will be great to have so thank you if you will put one up.

Now, I’m going to talk a bit about myself. My name (not my real one) is ironheart harry. You can call me ‘ironheart’ or ‘harry’ or something like that, I don’t mind. I like gaming, and I’ve got a few games that I cannot resist reviewing, and it is my passion. I also enjoy writing (well, I am blogging aren’t I?) and stuff that is just generally awesome! Yeah…I’ll go with that.

Like I said, I am a newbie and I will need time to get used to the things on WordPress and how to use them, but I will try my best to put up quality reviews and posts for as long as I can. So…yeah! That’s going to be my first post/blog today/this week. So I hope you guys have gotten to know what my blog will be about and how it will work and hopefully you will enjoy my future posts!